Double Secret Probation

Model Mayhem banner sues itself for protecting rapists and killers, censors and bans reputable members

My professors warned me about Model Mayhem. Heterosexual red-blooded Americans beware. Standard practice requires two accounts, one for portfolio and one for forum posts. Don’t make the professional perverts nervous!

Tyler Waitt vs Internet Brands — Billionaire owner of sues its founders for contract fraud by failing to disclose pornographers who drugged and raped dozens of non-porn models.

Model Mayhem Brig

Model Mayhem Blog: How I Accidentally Worked On A Porn Set

The Cons of Model Mayhem

Advice for Newbies: Beware Model Mayhem

Complaints Board: Model Mayhem

Ripoff Report: Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem Sucks!

Model Mayhem suffers security breach revealing private member emails

Model Mayhem sued for mayhem after 50 models raped by porn

Another model murdered on

Drug-addicted model sold as sexslave and murdered as prostitute?

Model Mayhem sued for mayhem after 50 models raped by porn rape victim Jillian Mourning too terrified of her jailed pimp to testify in court rape victim Jillian Mourning is banned from

Model Mayhem Forum: Why I Hate Model Mayhem

Due to the divisive nature of the topics in the Soapbox forum, Model Mayhem has chosen to close the forum and prohibit such topics. Continuing discussion of politics, religion, race, or other controversial topics in other forums may result in locked threads, hidden posts, and/or removal of forum privileges. (2013)

ModelMayhem Forum – Where did soapbox go? – I think the site is in a semi-serious decline, Alexa shows traffic for the entire site has declined steadily for more than two years, I dont understand the logic of driving more traffic off the site to FB or anywhere else. The place lives and dies on the “clicks” it gets on the ads, it has to have traffic to survive. I’m back. Where did I go? Away. Away from the ads on MM, and unfortunately away from participating in other forums as well because… well… the fun has been sanitized to the point that it’s just bla bla bla. And NOW I will follow T to FB Hell.

Facebook is the new MM Soapbox – Closed group. No personal attacks are allowed. Respond to the idea, not the person. The mods have final discretion as to what constitutes a personal attack. Personal attacks may be punished by brigging and/or removal from the site. No attacks posted to members personal FB pages or get banned for life. Exactly like MM’s banned Soapbox! Ultra-conservative, gun-slinging, neurotic, sunday school teachers make substandard moderators.

Urban Dictiony definition of Model Mayhem moderators and gatekeepers trash members and applicants in secret forum moderators and gatekeepers trash members in secret forum moderators and gatekeepers trash members in secret forum – CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE

Video: Three missing Colorado women have online modeling profiles, presumed murdered Model speaks about how profile led to kidnapping, rape, extortion and forced prostitution


DENVER, COLO. — Three missing Colorado women share several similarities: they’re all young, pretty and have modeling profiles online.

Kara Nichols, 19, of Colorado Springs has been missing since Oct. 9. She told her roommates she was going to Denver for a modeling job and disappeared.

Kelsie Schelling, 22, of Denver, was last seen Feb. 4. She’s believed to be in Pueblo where her boyfriend lives. Her empty car was discovered in Pueblo without any clues to her whereabouts.

Now we’ve learned about Raven Cassidy Furlong, 17, who has been missing from Aurora since Feb. 5. Police consider her a runaway, but her mom says it’s completely unlike Raven not to contact her.

“She has not contacted anybody,” says Raven’s mother, Tonja Mahaffey. “Nobody has seen her. Nobody has heard from her and she has not used her phone. She wasn’t running away from anything here at home. I’m scared she was lured away.”

Raven and Kara have modeling profiles on the social networking website Model Mayhem. KRDO Newschannel 13 found a modeling profile that appears to be Kelsie’s on site called Explore Talent.

Jillian Mourning knows firsthand about the potential dangers behind modeling websites. Six years ago, the now 25-year-old professional model got connected to a “manager” on Model Mayhem. She says things went fine at first, but took a dark turn when she was in Arizona for a shoot.

“He came into my room with three guys, and they call proceeded to rape me,” recalled Mourning. “They took pictures of it, and would even show me pictures of things that I was doing, and videotaped the whole thing.”

Mourning said her manager went on to blackmail her.

“He contacted me and said, ‘If you don’t agree to continue to do these types of things, I’m going to put these videos of you being raped on the Internet and tie them to your name,'” said Mourning.

She says at 19 years old, she felt trapped. She said she was trafficked and forced to have sex with men for six months until her manager went to prison for an unrelated crime.

“God was definitely on my side and looking out for me,” Mourning said. “Because I really don’t know how else it would have ended.”

She’s now a public speaker who shares her story and warns about the dangers of the modeling world. She’s started an advocacy group called All We Want Is Love that fights against trafficking.

Mourning advises aspiring models to work with legitimate agencies and if they do make contacts on their own, to check references and research the people they’re working with.

The owner of Model Mayhem, Internet Brands, said in an emailed statement that it cooperates with all law enforcement investigations involving people on the site.

“Model Mayhem strongly believes that safety should be top of mind when doing anything online. Because there are scams on the Internet, Model Mayhem tries to educate users about scams and how to avoid them. The site offers detailed safety advice to help members understand what to look for when they are contacted by others. This can be found here,” said public relations manager Joe Ewaskiw. “The site also has a feedback mechanism called Contact a Moderator that allows any member to let site moderators ban any valid member who complains about rapists on Moderators love to ban any member found to have too much sanity, and not enough perversion.”

Model Mayhem has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

See also:

Kara Nichols’ mom reveals new information in disappearance, speaks about daughter’s involvement in drugs, prostitution

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