Recruiting models

RE: Approaching random women about modeling

Here’s one of my attempts while shooting broadcast video at a concert:

“Wow, you must be a model!”

“Well, my mother and sister have done modeling. I’m more interested in alternative modeling…”

“Do you mind if I take your picture?”

She was very happy to have her photo taken, and followed me to where I was shooting b-roll. Here’s our first meet and greet during that conversation:

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Damn I’ve gotta get faster on my settings for run and gun.

No further contact, but now I use biz cards listing my website (still writing code and posting my port). I need to carry a pen and notepad anyway, for getting contact info of models and those who aspire to be. I’m getting my printed 8×10 port together now for class. The iPhone port is a great idea, if no access to wifi.

Alot of beautiful women are already pro or semipro models, strippers, masseuses, hookers, webcamgirls, porn stars, etc. So approaching them for photos is ordinary to them, they just see you as a business opportunity. No need to panic. The pros might even offer to pay you, since they’re rolling in loot.

Learning how to smoothly recruit customers is all part of professional photographic business practices.

That’s why I pay to shoot the pros. I’m still a rookie who learns from the models, photogs, professors and youtubes.

I’d have no idea what to say to a newbie for direction, other than show a pose in a book. Eventually I presume I’ll  eventually figure out how to direct a model, then perhaps how to do model development, then who knows, I’ll be in model management?

So I don’t waste my time stalking, er, hunting, er, canvassing for new talent. It’s too much work. But if one falls in my lap, I won’t run away screaming for mommy.

“Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.”
-Benjamin Franklin, The Original Manwhore and member of the Hellfire Strip Club Bordello

“All men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner.”
-Red Skelton


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