Shootout at the Emporium

Downtown shoot with 15 models and 15 photogs (more or less). Three hours run and gun with a Canon Rebel T2i with 18-55mm kit lens and manual speedlight. Met a lot of neat artists! With Amber Phillips, Brenna Bentley, Cece Lynn Mitchell, Courtney Lee Simpson, Dana Maria Ursuleasa, Destinee Renee, Elizabeth Azpurua, Emily Howell, Kimberly … Continue reading

My painful first boudoir shoot

The lovely Eleanor R turning her hair aqua Boudoir French, from bouder to pout, literally, a sulking place A woman’s bedroom or private sitting room. -Random House Dictionary Experienced nude model, nice hotel room, new photography equipment, rookie photog…. what could possibly go wrong? Ten minutes into my 3-hour roadtrip, my vehicle died. Then it … Continue reading

Recruiting models

RE: Approaching random women about modeling Here’s one of my attempts while shooting broadcast video at a concert: “Wow, you must be a model!” “Well, my mother and sister have done modeling. I’m more interested in alternative modeling…” “Do you mind if I take your picture?” She was very happy to have her photo taken, … Continue reading

Double Secret Probation

My professors warned me about Model Mayhem. Heterosexual red-blooded Americans beware. Standard practice requires two accounts, one for portfolio and one for forum posts. Don’t make the professional perverts nervous! Tyler Waitt vs Internet Brands — Billionaire owner of sues its founders for contract fraud by failing to disclose pornographers who drugged and raped … Continue reading